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Product Catalogue for Australian Marine

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Box Sealing Tapes
Various tapes for sealing boxes and packages available in heavy duty and utility grades.

Duct and Cloth Tapes
Duct tape available in vinyl and cloth, for critical and general purpose bundling, sealing and holding applications. Available in a variety of colors in two inch width.

Filament Strapping Tape
Heavy duty and light duty tapes for strapping applications.

Foam Tapes
A variety of soft conformable foam tapes for general purpose, mounting and joining applications. Available in single and double-coated tapes.

General Purpose Tapes
A variety of tapes for general purpose and non-critical applications.

Packing List Tapes
Tapes for the attachment and protection of address labels on a wide variety of shipping and mailing containers.

Paint Striping Tapes
Various tapes with smooth, sharp edges that are conformable and have excellent solvent resistances.

Protective and Chafing Tapes
Protective tapes for multiple substrates and indoor and outdoor applications.

Scotch® Adhesive Transfer Tapes
Use this tape to hold, attach, bond, laminate, tab, join, fasten, mount, splice or seal nearly any surface. One side adheres to applied surface, the other side is immediately ready to join a second surface.

Scotch® Pipe Thread Sealant Tape 48
High-temperature-stable (PTFE) pipe thread sealant that provides a leakproof seal with a temperature rated to 500°F (260°C). Forms a leak proof seal and helps prevent cross threading on pipe threads.

Scotch® Weather Resistant Tapes
Tapes with UV protection that remove cleanly with extended outdoor use. For both critical and non-critical applications.

Tape Dispenser Products
A variety of hand held tape dispensers to be used with 3M™ and Scotch® tape products.

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