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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatBiomedical Electrodes
3M™ Red Dot™[click to enlarge]
3M has a variety of 3M™ Red Dot™ Electrodes, available with a variety of backings and adhesives, ideal for long-term or short-term applications. 3M Biomedical Electrodes offer high quality and consistent performance, backed by 3M adhesive technology.

Additional Information
Using 3M™ Red Dot™ Electrodes means:
- Reliable trace quality
- Rapid trace recovery after defibrillation
- Guaranteed freshness - no dry out
- Secure adhesion

Make a Selection
3M™ Alligator Clips
Alligator clips provide secure attachment of lead wires to tab-style electrodes.

Product Defib Pad SHRP3M™ Defib-Pads
3M™ Defib-Pads combine an electroconductive gel with a porous non-woven fabric.

3M™ Electrosurgical Products
For maximum safety in the OR, 3M™ Patient Plates are lightweight and conformable. Our innovative design features strong, gel-like adhesive for excellent skin-to-plate contact yet it allows easy release at removal.

3M™ Red Dot™ Adult Monitoring Electrodes
3M™ Red Dot™ Traditional Style Monitoring Electrodes are available in a variety of backings and are ideal for long-term or short-term applications, depending on the adhesive.

Red Dot ECG Monitoring Electrode 22693M™ Red Dot™ Neonatal, Infant and Paediatric Monitoring Electrodes
3M offers prewired infant and neonatal monitoring electrodes in both small and large sizes with excellent adhesion and patient comfort due to proven adhesives and conformable backings.

Red Dot Resting Electrode 2330, full sheet3M™ Red Dot™ Resting ECG Electrodes and Accessories
3M™ Red Dot™ Resting Monitoring EKG Electrodes are designed for resting 12-lead EKG applications, are radiolucent and offer conductive adhesive.

Monitoring Cables and Leadwires
3M offers a variety of ECG/EKG supplies, including 3M™ Cable and Leadwires for consistently excellent traces, ready-to-use 3M™ Defib-Pabs and 3M™ Red Dot™ Trace Prep to ensure optimal trace quality every time.

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