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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatAcute & Chronic Wound Care
3M's skin health program covers a continuum of care, from healthy skin maintenance and prevention for at-risk skin, to early intervention and protection of damaged skin to care of I.V. sites, acute and chronic wounds.

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3M™ Adheban™ Cast Edging TapeBandages
3M bandages can be used for compression bandaging, securing dressings and devices, sprains and strains, protective bandaging, oedema control and partial immobilisation.

3M™ Tegaderm™ 1633 IV DressingDressings
3M provides a comprehensive line of dressings, including transparent film dressings, I.V. film dressings, island dressings, hydrocolloids, alginates, and a wound contact material.

Obsolete -- 3M Nexcare Reusable ColdHot Pack 1570Hot & Cold Therapy
A soft, gel-filled pillow that can be used on any part of the body to provide hot or cold pain relief. The pack can be stored in a freezer until ready to use.

Orthoptic Eye Patches
Designed to protect the eye following minor surgery or use for shielding the eye in occlusion therapy.

Pressure Relief Products
3M provides 3M™ Reston™ Self-Adhering Foam Pad and Roll, which distributes body weight and helps prevent skin breakdown.

Skin Care
3M™ Cavilon™ Skin Care Products provide a proactive approach to total skin health. The product line seeks to prevent skin breakdown before it happens, protect at-risk skin and encourage the maintenance of healthy, intact skin.

3M™ Steri-Strip™ Skin Closures (Reinforced)Skin Closure Products
For fast effective wound closure with superior cosmetic results, choose 3M Wound Closure Products. Suitable for cuts, lacerations and surgical incisions. The advantages are more than just skin deep!

3M™ Surgical TapeSurgical Tapes
3M Health Care surgical tapes work the way you expect them to. The range incorporates six products to suit different taping situations.

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