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Product Catalogue for Adhesives, Tapes, Reclosable Fasteners & Fabricated Parts

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A broad range of adhesives suitable for a multitude of applications across many industries.

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3M™ Adhesive Marine Products

3M™ Aerosol Products
3M™ aerosol products--always ready when needed. A touch of the finger bonds, cleans, lubricates or handles a variety of other jobs. As handy, self-contained applicators, 3M aerosols often save the expense of complex application systems.

3M™ Bulk Non-Structural
A range of bulk water-based and solvent-based adhesives for industry.

3M™ Conductive Adhesives
Electrically and thermally conductive tapes and films for high productivity and performance in demanding electronic applications.

3M™ Electronic Switch and Assembly Adhesives
Strong adhesives for long lasting switch performance. 3M has designed a line of membrane switch systems that will prevail against the test of time, withstand stress of actuations and stay strong in a variety of environments and the life of the switch.

3M™ Electronic

3M™ Hot Melt Adhesives
A broad range of structural and non-structural hot melt adhesives for general industrial assembly. Includes the super-strong 3M™ Jet-Weld, the famous 3M™ Jet-melt, and the new Scotch® Mini-Weld Adhesive System.

3M™ Structural Adhesives

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