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Product Catalogue for Specialty Tapes3M™ Masking Products

Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly formatScotch® Paper Masking Tapes
3M Masking Tapes offer a range of products that perform in a broad array of application demands. From non- critical paint masking and bundling to the most critical and precise painting applications, 3M has a tape to meet your needs.

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3M™ Light Duty Masking Tapes
This family of light duty masking are design for sealing, bundling, holding, and non-critical paint masking. The light weight backing with a rubber adhesive allows for good conformability, instant adhesion, and easy tearing.

Scotch® High Performance Masking Tapes
3M High Performance Masking tapes are a family of products that require the highest level of performance and temperature resistance for your most critical and unique applications.

Scotch® Performance Masking Tapes
Scotch® Performance Masking Tapes are a line of crepe paper tapes that can be used in a wide variety of applications, temperature requirements and surfaces. Designed to meet a broad range of customer needs and requirements.

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