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3M™ Executive Filter EF200XXL
3M™Executive Filter EF200XXL Assembly Free, Universal Frame, anti-Glare, anti-Radiation, Anti-Static

Anti-glare filter3M™ Executive Filters EF200XL
3M™ EF200XL Executive Filter Assembly Free, Universal Frames, Anti-Glare, Anti-Radiation, Anti-Static

98044025753M™ Executive Filters EF200XLB - Midnight Black
3M™ EF200XLB Midnight Black LCD/CRT Anti-Glare, Anti-radiation, Anti-static Filter

98044025733M™ PF400XLB Privacy Computer Filter, Black Frame
Excellent for high traffic areas or low wall cubicles.

3M™ Privacy Computer Filter PF400XXLB, Midnight Black Frame, 19-21in (40.6-48.2cm) CRTs and 19-20in (48.2-50.8cm) LCDs
3M™ PF400XXLB Privacy Filter fits 19-21 inch (40.6-48.2cm) CRTs and 19-20 inch (48.2-50.8cm) LCDs. Great for high traffic areas. Onlookers see a black screen. Never blurs. Black flat frame. Help protect LCD screen from damage. Blocks up to 99.9% of ELF/VLF E-field radiation.*

3M™ Standard Computer Filter BF10XXL, 19" - 21"/ 48.2-53.3cm monitors, flat frame
3M™ BF10XXL Standard Computer Filter, 19-21 inch/48.2-53.3cm CRTs, designed to significantly reduce glare, improve screen contrast and minimize eyestrain related to computer monitor use. Hanging flat frame design. One year warranty.

3M™ Standard Computer Filters BF10XL, 40.5cm - 45.5cm
3M™ Standard Filter for basic protection.

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