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3M pioneered the use of retroreflective technology in traffic control devices and has been committed to 24-hour road safety for 60 years. Today, motorists around the world depend on our full line of 3M™ Scotchlite™ signing products for improved traffic management as well as enhancing motorist, pedestrian and occupational safety.

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3M Electronic Cuttable and Protective Film
Films for production of traffic control signs. ElectroCut™ transparent, colored film is used for electronically cutting sign backgrounds, copy, or logos. Protective overlay films protect finished sign faces from defacement.

3M Permanent Sign Sheetings and Films
3M™ Scotchlite™ Retroreflective Sheetings are designed for high-quality, permanent traffic control and guidance signs as well as delineation devices. The full range of Engineer Grade, High Intensity and Diamond Grade™ Sheetings are designed to meet the changing visual requirements of motorists of all ages in today's complex and demanding nighttime roadway environment.

3M Road Works Safety Sheetings
3M's complete line of Scotchlite™ Reflective Sheeting is used in the production of high-quality, road works safety signs and traffic control devices. These products have the reflectivity, angularity and durability to meet virtually any road works safety need.

3M™ Conspicuity and Reflective Markings
A full line of 3M™ reflective conspicuity marking, striping, and films for the production of vehicle markings and emblems to improve the visibility of railcars, trucks, school buses, public works vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and law enforcement vehicles.

3M™ Matched Components System™ Products
3M's full line of components for efficient production of reflective signs include colored and protective overlay films, process colors, cut-out letters, numbers, borders, and application and packaging accessories.

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