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3M™ Diagnostic and Detection Products
3M provides solutions for measuring temperature, testing and troubleshooting of data communications lines, phone wiring, coax cable, and protection of breaker panels.

3M™ Fire Protection Products
The complete line of 3M™ fire protection products helps prevent fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture from passing through penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors.

3M™ Safety and Protection Products
Quality and performance make 3M™ a leader with a variety of safety products, sorbents, reflective tapes and traction systems.

3M ™ Aerosols and Spray AdhesivesAerosols, Sprays and Coatings
3M offers a full line of convenient push-button aerosol worksavers for your electrical coating and maintenance needs. Just a touch of the finger is all it takes to clean, degrease or make equipment work like new.

Insulating, Jacketing and Repair
3M insulating and jacketing solutions range from high-performance vinyl electrical tapes for jacketing and protection, to highly conformable rubber tapes and self-fusing vinyl mastics for padding, insulation and sealing.

Low Voltage Splicing ProductsLow Voltage Splicing (0-1000V)
3M meets your 0-1000V application needs with low voltage splicing and connecting solutions.

Medium Voltage Splicing and Terminating (5-46kV)
3M has the solution for medium voltage splicing, connecting and terminating. Including a broad range of terminations, splices, motor leads, as well as equipment and cable accessories.

Moisture Sealing and Corrosion Protection
3M provides moisture sealing and corrosion protection solutions above ground or below with self-fusing mastics, adhesive-lined heat shrink tubing, corrosion protection tape, resins and resin kits, and 3M™ Direct Bury products.

New Products

Wire connectorsWire Connecting
3M's wire connecting solutions cover the entire 600-volt copper wire range with the exact features most requested by electricians, from the twist-on spring connectors, to crimp-sleeve connectors, to squeeze-and-snap insulation-displacement connectors.

Wire Management
3M's wire management solutions make quick work of cable control with a variety of cable ties, stackers and clips - and wire identification systems that give you dozens of ways to mark your product.

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