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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly format3M™ Fire Barrier 2001 Silicone RTV Foam
3M Fire Barrier 2001 Silicone Foam is a two-part, liquid-silicone elastomer that foams in place when mixed. It firestops and seals large and complex penetrations.

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Other benefits: foams in place to seal complex penetrations; cures in 1-5 minutes to form a compression seal; elastomeric compression seal; reenterable/repairable; excellent sound barrier properties; no ampacity derating of cables when used properly; provides up to 3-hour fire rating; easily mixed by hand (small amounts) or automated mixing and dispensing equipment (large amounts).

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3M™ Fire Barrier Silicone RTV Foam 2001, 2 Pounds
(2 Lb Kit, Parts A&B) A medium-density, two-part silicone elastomer supplied as A and B liquid components designed for use as a fire, smoke, noxious gas and water sealant.

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