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Printer-friendly format Printer-friendly format3M™ LC Hot Melt Expansion Kit and Replacement Parts
LC Expansion Kit including holder, polishing jig, crimp tool, film, and more.

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3M™ Holder Cleaning Pin
The 6650-HC is a package of three cleaning pins used to clear any adhesive from inside the 6650-LH holders.

3M™ Hot Melt LC Connector Holder
The 6650-LH is a package of four replacement Hot Melt LC holders. They are applicable to multimode and single-mode Hot Melt LC and are used to heat the connectors within the Hot Melt Oven.

3M™ Hot Melt LC Expansion Kit
LC Expansion Kit. The 6650-LC Expansion Kit contains the necessary tools to terminate the Hot Melt LC and must be used in conjunction with the 6366/6362-230V Hot Melt Termination Kit.

3M™ Lapping Film Multimode Consumable Kit
LC Lapping Film Multimode Consumable Kit (polishes 400 connectors).

3M™ Lapping Film Singlemode Consumable Kit
LC Lapping Film Singlemode Consumable Kit (polishes 400 connectors).

3M™ LC Adapter for View Scope
The 6650-VS is a screw on LC adapter for the viewscope supplied in the 6563/6561 Hot Melt Termination Kit.

3M™ LC Crimp Tool
The 6650-LT is both the plier acctuator and crimp die with the specific die cavities designed for crimping all types of the Hot Melt LC to various sizes of cable.

3M™ LC Heat Shrink Fixture
The 6650-HS fixture rests within the hot melt oven to transfer heat so to surround and shrink the strain relief shrink tube during termination of the 1.6 to 2.0 mm style LC.

3M™ LC Polishing Jig with Weight
The 6650-JW is a 3M specialized polishing jig specifically designed to hold the Hot Melt LC perpendicular to the polishing pad. It applies a specific weight force to the fiber end face to assure PC polish centering.

3M™ LC Polishing Jig
The 6650-LJ is a package of two plastic polishing pucks that are inserted into the 6650-JW Jig and Weight. The polishing pucks hold the connector perpendicular to the polishing pad and film.

3M™ LC Polishing Pad
The 6650-LP is a package of 2 rectagular 4.5" x 5.5" gray rubber pads of specific hardness. The lapping film is placed on this pad during polishing, and assures proper centering of the PC finish on the end face of the connector.

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