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3M™ designs and manufactures a comprehensive line of products that can address your diverse applications. Widely recognized for innovation, reliability, global corporate strength, 3M™ has the products and services you need, and the name you trust.

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3M™ Electrical Tape
3M invented vinyl electrial tape and sets the industry standard for quality with a tape for nearly every electrical application.

3M™ Aerosols and Spray Adhesives
3M offers a full line of convenient push-button aerosol worksavers for your electrical coating and maintenance needs. Just a touch of the finger is all it takes to clean, degrease or make equipment work like new.

3M™ Cable Accessory Products
3M offers accessory products to assist with splice rejacketing, cable jacket sealing, grounding and cable preparation. Many of the products shown here are used with 3M™ splices and terminations.

3M™ Diagnostic and Detection Products
3M provides solutions for measuring temperature, testing and troubleshooting of data communications lines, phone wiring, coax cable, and protection of breaker panels.

3M™ Fastening Products
3M has a variety of cable ties, clips, ducts, bases, and hook and loop fasteners.

3M™ Fire Protection Products
The complete line of 3M™ fire protection products helps prevent fire, smoke, toxic fumes and moisture from passing through penetrations in fire-rated walls and floors.

3M™ Heat Shrink Tubing
3M offers a full line of heat shrinkable tubing and devices. If the product, product size or product length you need is not listed, contact your 3M™ Electrical Products distributor or sales representative for a quote.

3M™ Loadbreak Elbows
The 3M™ 200 Amp Industrial Loadbreak Elbow is a fully shielded and insulated plug-in termination for connecting underground cable to transformers, switchgear and junctions equipped with loadbreak bushings.

3M™ Lubricants and Coatings
3M™'s complete line of Wire Pulling Lubricants are designed for specific applications, so you can choose the right lubricant for the job at hand. Our line of coatings and protectants protect surfaces against moisture, corrosion and other contaminants.

3M™ Lugs and Connectors
3M™ Scotchlok™ Lugs and Connectors are crimp connectors for power cable conductors. These connectors are used when splicing and terminating power cable.

3M™ Modular Splicing
3M™ Modular Splicing technology means more versitile and flexible splices and equipment connections.

3M™ Safety and Protection Products
Quality and performance make 3M™ a leader with a variety of safety products, sorbents, reflective tapes and traction systems.

3M™ Splices
A splice may be considered as two or more conductors joined with a suitable connector, reinsulated, reshielded and rejacketed with compatible materials and applied over a properly prepared surface.

3M™ Terminals, Kits and Tools
For more than 30 years, 3M™ has been a leading supplier of 3M™ Scotchlok™ terminals, disconnects, connectors and tools for use in the assembly and maintenance of electrical systems.

3M™ Terminations
Over 25 years ago, 3M™ pioneered cold shrink technology. Since then, field use and laboratory analysis have repeatedly proven its merits and reliability. Through constant innovation, we have refined cold shrink products making them better than ever.

3M™ Wire Connectors
The best wire connectors do more than fit the application; they also fit your hand, and they feel good to use. At 3M™, we design connectors that are as comfortable and easy to use as they are dependable.

3M™ Wire Marking and Identifying
3M™ ScotchCode™ Identification Systems give you dozens of ways to mark your product. The line includes dispensers, preprinted alphanumeric and colored tape, write-on books and tags, and computerized systems of markers.

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