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Quick Swab close up [click to enlarge]
Our swabs are available in two different formats.

The 3M™ Enviroswab is available in two types : Dry and Premoistened. The large swab head and shaped tip efficiently collects organisms from hard to reach places and the tamper evident band and resealable top ensures that you can easily check whether the swab has been previously used.

Additional Information

The 3M™ Swab-Sampler is available in a wide range of medias and different volumes. Ready to use swabs with secure screw top prevents samples leaking in transit. Fits into a standard test tube rack for easy processing. Ample head space for effective vortexing and terminally sterilized by gamma radiation.

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Enviro-Swab, QA Supplies 3M™ Enviro Swab
Pre-moistened swabs for environmental sample collection

Quick Swab close up 3M™ Quick Swab
Accuracy and consistency are both optimized by using 3M™ Quick Swabs. This ready-to-use environmental swab system can be used wet or dry and quickly delivers 1mL of sample onto a 3M™ Petrifilm™ Plate.

RediSwab (tif) 3M™ Swab-Sampler
Swab in pre-filled bottle with various diluents

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