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Product Catalog for Vikuiti™ Display Enhancement Films

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Vikuiti Light Control Films consist of micro-louvers that act like window blinds to control the direction of light transmission through the film. They offer privacy at specific viewing angles and help reduce glare in both high and low ambient light conditions.

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Vikuiti™ Advanced Light Control Film (ALCF)
Vikuiti Advanced Light Control Film darkens displayed information from a side view while not blurring or distorting on axis, or direct view of screen data. Vikuiti ALCF is a highly effective way to help prevent the loss of corporate or personal confidential information and helps ensure compliance with current privacy legislation.

Vikuiti™ Light Control Film (LCF)
Vikuiti Light Control Film has a narrower viewing angle for applications where increased privacy or viewing control is needed. Vikuiti LCF also has a unique louver construction that is designed to minimize ghosting effects.

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