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3M™ High Performance Disposable Surgical Gown [click to enlarge]

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3M™ Gamma-Stable Loop Fastener 7330
Low profile, gamma-stable loop with a nylon closure surface laminated to a polyethylene base film

3M™ Gamma-Stable Loop Fastener with Adhesive 7331
Gamma stable nylon tricot fastener laminated to a high tack, synthetic rubber-based adhesive.

3M™ Low Profile Hook Fastener 7334
This is a low profile hook made with a white polyolefin blend.

3M™ Low Profile Hook Fastener with Adhesive 7335
This version is a low profile white polyolefin blend hook fastener backed with a high tack, synthetic rubber-based adhesive designed for medical construction and stick-to-skin applications.

3M™ Tube and Organizer 1115NS
This is a tape-based reclosures organizer for use on surgical gowns and drapes or equipment. The product is supplied in bulk packaging, can be EtO sterilized for use in the operating room and included in procedure kits and packs.

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